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August 16th, 2009

Just took my final exam for Intermediate Algebra last night. I don’t know the exact final score, but am pretty certain that I’ll be getting more than 500 of the 510 points the class tops out at, so, whew. I can honestly say it wasn’t achieved through remembering what I did last time–that was 20 or so years ago, and I literally forgot just about everything. This was a hard slog. Being (a) more mature and (b) a teacher helped a lot, as my study habits were somewhat improved, and I know much better what is important. As a student, you tend to just do what you’re told blindly, going through the motions of study because that’s what the teacher assigned, and then expect that you will magically know the material by the last page of the chapter. Instead, you have to focus on actually understanding the material, using the best techniques (proper note-taking, asking for help, etc.) for you to do so. If you finish a section and still don’t understand, then you can’t just go on–you have to re-orient and come at the material from a new angle. You can’t depend on the teacher as much as you do on yourself.

In any case, I can finally leave all that behind and spend the next two semesters in which I will take classes online focusing on actual computer stuff. Which is the whole reason why I’m taking courses again.

Unfortunately, the Intro to Programming course I was looking forward to has been taken off the roster for Fall, though it is offered through something called “BlendEd,” which is a regular on-site class where people can take portions of it–or all of it–online. I’m just concerned that I’ll be the only one doing it online, and effectively by myself. Hrm. There is another class I would take–Database Basics, which is not so terrible (I could use training in that), and it is online. We’ll see.

Now I can finish up the last business for my last semester of classes–the ones I teach, not the one I am taking as a student–and then get on to planning my classes (to teach) for the Fall.

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