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Quick Note: Take Advantage of the Crazy?

August 19th, 2009

Maybe we can turn the crazy back on the Republicans. Start spreading rumors that the Republicans are plotting against the American people (it would not be technically untrue). Start sending out emails saying, “members of Congress are giving THEMSELVES nice, juicy FREE BENEFITS like a COMPREHENSIVE health care package–and they’re working hard to see that YOU don’t get in on it!” Or, “politicians in Washington are trying to KILL American BABIES and the ELDERLY by keeping them on substandard insurance!”

The key points of the campaign would be: (1) don’t name Republicans or the party; keep the culprits vague; (2) make it sound threatening and ominous, like there’s a conspiracy and you or someone you love WILL DIE if nothing is done; (3) use lots of capital letters, and, if possible, use the the Comic Sans font–for some reason, that seems to make it more “folksy,” and therefore it must be REAL.

It’s just stupid enough to work!

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  1. Tim Kane
    August 19th, 2009 at 06:09 | #1

    Don’t forget to use all the ‘key’ words Republican’s had redacted from climate change memos. Words like: Dangerous and Threat and so forth.

    Now you have your talking points, just distributed around to all the talking heads and all the pundits, and soon, everyone from Keith Obermann on MSNBC to Rich Sanchez on CNN and every column in every paper all saying the same thing.

    Q: Are the Republicans out to destroy America? Was “Supply-side” economics intended to do to the United States what the civil war did not?

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