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Giving It a Try

September 13th, 2009

I just added Twitter to my blog. Too bad my handle, “Blogd,” was already taken (a Spanish-language Twitter), so Blogd1 will have to do. I’m going to reserve it for (a) stuff that’s happening that I want to share with friends and family, and (b) quick thoughts that might not be enough for a blog post. The feed will show up at right, and you can follow the header link to the main Twitter page.

Next, I’ll have to figure out how to use Facebook better.

Update: Turns out that you can install Twitter as an “application” on Facebook–now any tweet I send will post to Facebook automatically, though it won’t include photos directly (just by the Twitter Photo link). Still, that’ll save some time, and allow me to be active on both.

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  1. September 13th, 2009 at 15:37 | #1

    I’m not that enamored of Twitter. I started using it a while ago, and it suffers from the same problem as Facebook (with newer users, anyway): People tweet all kinds of stuff. Stupid stuff. Stuff that *I* find stupid, anyway (I’m sure lots of people think what I tweet is stupid too).

    But the biggest problem with Twitter, I think, is that I don’t see how anyone is going to make any money from it- and it’ll die as a result.

  2. Luis
    September 13th, 2009 at 15:55 | #2


    Good question as to how they’ll make money, but I’m not too concerned. It’s not like I’m worried that I’ll lose all my tweets if Twitter goes down. Also, I don’t have much intention of wasting time with other people’s Twitters unless I find a particular user compelling, and I don’t intend to go all Roland Hedley when it comes to my own ‘tweets.’ The idea for me is to focus of stuff that I’d like to blog on but are a bit too short or inconsequential to merit a whole blog post. The target audience is more family and friends, with the occasional special-interest from-Japan kind of thing. At first the volume may be a tad much as I get used to it, but I’ll be surprised if I ‘tweet’ more than once or twice a day on average after that. But I will be keeping an eye out for how inane the feature is, and if it breaks a barrier (or if I just plain lose interest), I intend to stop.

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