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Put Reagan’s Name/Face on (insert your own noun here)!

June 9th, 2004

There are currently several efforts underway by conservatives to put Reagan on the $10 bill (though they would be just as happy with the $20 or dime), one in Congress and another by appealing to the Bush administration. Already Reagan’s name has been plastered over the National Airport in Washington, D.C., and has been put on a mountain (Mount Reagan), a naval vessel (the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan), in addition to “54 highways, schools, post offices and other memorials to Reagan around the country.”

Thus begins the completely expected rush to slap Reagan’s name on just about everything in sight. Apotheosis indeed. Nancy Reagan, gratefully and gracefully, has opposed such movements, but conservatives, wishing to immortalize their political icon and make sure everyone reveres him, ignore the request (possibly figuring she’s just saying such things for the sake of image).

But fortunately there is more than just public opposition, Democrats in Congress are opposing as well. Normally cowed by Republican attempts to pass their agenda under unrelated popular and/or patriotic themes, Democrats have a way around that–by voicing their support for Alexander Hamilton and Franklin Roosevelt. Republicans want to overcome this by compromising as issuing half Reagan dimes and half Roosevelt dimes.

As an alternative, I might suggest putting Reagan’s face on infants’ bibs (in honor of his “trickle-down” economics), using his name in the title of the next Star Wars film (double purpose, for the ‘Star Wars’ program and for the use of the “evil empire,” which is portrayed as being created in the next Star Wars flick), or on food stamps, in recognition of how many people he forced into poverty and so have to use them–although I am certain he tried to cut the issuance of such ‘welfare’ to people who needed them. But then, Republicans have never really been bothered by contradictions such as these.

(Update: I just noted something: this is post number 666!!! I didn’t notice until after I’d posted, but I find it incredibly appropriate–especially considering that when the Reagans moved back to California after leaving the WHite House, their house number was 666–and Nancy insisted it be changed before they took residence. Funny how that number keeps popping up with him….)

  1. dveej
    June 10th, 2004 at 04:12 | #1

    And of course you are aware, for whatever the hell it’s worth, that Ronald Wilson Reagan had six letters in each of his three names?

    Vade, Satanas!


  2. June 10th, 2004 at 06:20 | #2

    I just googled reagan 666 and got 17,300 hits. You may be on to something…

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