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GOP At It Again: 2004 Election fraud

July 3rd, 2004

Remember in the last election, when a variety of criminal and near-criminal actions broke out in Florida near election time, each one giving Bush hundreds or even thousands of votes? Remember the one pulled off by Katherine Harris, then Florida Secretary of State? During the post-election brawl, she jumped at every chance to announce Bush the winner, only to be stopped by the state courts each time. But it was before the elections that she pulled her coup (perhaps literally), by using the felon rolls in Florida as a political weapon.

She took control of the list away from a Florida firm and gave it to a Texas firm, then told that firm to compile the list based upon ridiculously biased rules that would ensure that 90%–more than 50,000 legal voters–would be added to the list, and since most were minorities, that means most were Democrats. Despite having thus deprived so many thousands of their legal right to vote (never notifying them, they found out by going to the polls to be told they were criminals), Harris and the GOP then mocked these people and the Democratic party for (a) being stupid, and (b) being criminals. The net loss of more than 20,000 votes lost for Gore were one of many over-the-top actions that, each one individually, handed Bush enough votes to win the election. Fitting, I suppose, for the first president with a criminal record to win by crook, but that’s old news.

Or is it?

Past is prologue in Florida, it seems. Jeb Bush and the GOP are at it again. They’ve got a whole new list of “felons” and have been fighting like hell to keep it secret–the specific names, at least. They claimed that they were taking every precaution and notifying everyone on the list so they can challenge their status, but we all know what a load of horse manure that is. Their actions in 2000 were so crooked as to be unbelievable, and yet Bush was handed the election, and no one on Jeb Bush’s staff was arrested or even charged–they know full well that if they do the same thing this time, they won’t be touched, again. All they have to do is keep it under wraps until after the election, and then they’re home free.

A small hitch developed for them, however, as several news organizations sued the state and finally got the list published. And guess what? It’s full of names of people who should not be on it. After the state said the list of 47,000 was valid, having had months to check it out, the news services, with the list in hand less than 24 hours, identified at least 2,119 people who should not have been on the list. And that’s just so far–it is likely that a vast majority of the people on the list are legal voters, minorities, and Democrats, just like in 2000. Just among the 2,100-plus names identified so far as being legal, eligible voters, 62% were registered Democrats and 20% Republicans, and more than half are black. Again, numbers almost the same as in 2000. Surprise, surprise.

A look at the list (alphabetical, in PDF format) will also reveal that a great many names are nearly identical, suggesting that again, as they did in 2000, many were added to the list just for having names similar to alleged felons.

The Florida GOP are complete, unabashed scum–sorry, but they are. And that’s just one ploy in Florida. Another GOP game is the no-paper-trail electronic voting fiasco, machines supplied by a company run by a Bush campaign manager. God knows how many other frauds they’re up to without anyone knowing about it.

No wonder why Democrats are calling for the U.N. to come to America to observe and verify the 2004 elections. The GOP has made our country into a Banana Republic, where elections are openly rigged and the world has to observe in order to have even a small hope that some of the fraud can be stalled.

By the way, Katherine Harris got her payoff–in the 2002 elections, the GOP gratefully gave her the seat in the GOP stronghold of Sarasota in Florida, which she now occupies–instead of the jail cell she so richly deserves.

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