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Florida Felon List Yanked

July 11th, 2004

We already covered the fact that the new Florida Felon List had thousands of eligible voters on it, and had far more Democrats than Republicans (28,000 to 9,500) being taken off the voter rolls.

The new development is that the list almost completely omitted Hispanic voters, including only 61 on the list of 48,000–about 0.1% of the total, while about 17% of the Florida population is Hispanic. And Hispanics in Florida are predominantly Cuban in origin, and predominantly vote Republican.

Apparently, that straw broke the camel’s back. The outrageous election fraud in 2000, the fact that the new list was already disenfranchising thousands of legal voters, mostly Democratic–these facts were pressure enough, but to find that a predominantly Republican felon population had been omitted was apparently enough to shame Jeb Bush into pulling the list.

“It was an oversight and a mistake,” Jeb Bush said; “We accept responsibility, and that’s why we’re pulling it back.” So it seems that if there’s a large amount of election fraud, it’s OK, but if there’s an egregious amount, then it’s an “oversight” and they’ll stop doing it.

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