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Priorities and Non-Issues

July 15th, 2004

Republicans today are railing for the Democrats to release a video of Whoopi Goldberg using foul language to express her feelings about President Bush.

Democrats are, and have been for some time, railing for the Republicans to release the documentation of Cheney’s Energy Task Force, in which oil and energy industry executives set the nation’s policies on energy, most likely to their profit and to the detriment of the people of the country. They also want the release of records concerning the Medicare bill (about which Bush lied to Congress and the people), the Plame affair (in which a senior Bush official violated federal law and uncovered a CIA agent), and Halliburton (concerning massive fraud and apparent involvement of Cheney in getting the contract for his former firm)–issues which directly affect the American people and the quality of governance.

Not hard to see which party has the more reasonable priorities. The Democrats are more in line with what the country needs, are more focused on getting the people the quality government they deserve. The GOP, as usual, is trying to steer away from real issues to instead create mock issues which distract the public and serve no one.

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  1. jude
    July 16th, 2004 at 00:25 | #1

    What did you think of Whoopi Goldberg’s comments? And thanks for the link to Comedy Central.

  2. Luis
    July 16th, 2004 at 00:50 | #2

    I haven’t seen the exact transcript–I’m not sure anyone has–but frankly, you get comedians like Goldberg on a stage, not televised or on radio, and of course they can get extremely blue.

    Honestly, though, I am far more offended by Rush Limbaugh saying that the torture at Abu Ghraib prison was no worse than a college hazing and it was a “brilliant idea.” At least the comics were joshing. Limbaugh was dead (pun intentional) serious.

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