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More Bad Form from Apple

April 11th, 2010

It has been discovered that the iPhone 3G can indeed handle multitasking–Apple is simply denying it, and the most likely reason is to get people to buy a new iPhone. I figured that the limited RAM was the reason–but the idea that the 3G can do multitasking makes sense once you consider iAds. The 3G will be allowed to run that just fine, and it essentially employs a kind of multitasking, switching seamlessly between whatever app uses it and the ad software, which can include audio, video, interactive HTML5–even app downloads and other stuff. Apple isn’t going to turn off that feature in the 3G. Apple will not even allow limited multitasking equal to what iAds does. It could at least allow saving of app states, audio in the background (the iPod app already does it just fine, after all), and other stuff which probably won’t task the RAM too much, like GPS. But no. Want the multitasking? Buy a new iPhone.

Come on, Apple. Being dicks some of the time is expected, but you’re kind of pushing it lately. Keep this up and jailbreaking will become the norm, not the exception.

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  1. Troy
    April 11th, 2010 at 03:35 | #1

    For work back in late 2007 I got to jailbreak a 1G iPhone and install some software on it, software that ran from the commandline in the background. The issue isn’t multitasking.

    At the risk of reflexively defending the mothership here, the issue might simply be the 256MB requirement.

    As a time-to-market measure (to beat Windows 7 Phone and remove a strategic liability against Android), they may have decided on excluding 128MB hardware to simplify the work and/or have the function work the same across all devices that support it.

    Android here in the us is currently running ads that they multitask and others don’t.

    But yeah, this could also be strategic obsolescence.

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