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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

August 10th, 2004

Keyes is already suffering from foot-in-mouth disease, and unabashedly so. He said of his opponent Barak Obama:

“I would still be picking cotton if the country’s moral principles had not been shaped by the Declaration of Independence… [Obama] has broken and rejected those principles he has taken the slaveholder’s position.”

We’re already beginning to see why Keyes has badly lost every race he’s gotten into. It’ll be very interesting to see the polling data for Illinois next week. And because of the very high-profile nature of this race, it may have an effect on many other races as well. If there were ever a race that better showcased the true principles of each party, this would have to be it–and the Democrats could not ask for a better representative than Obama.

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  1. August 10th, 2004 at 12:42 | #1

    I’m voting for Obama and Nader :)

  2. Enumclaw
    August 10th, 2004 at 13:06 | #2

    Man, I hope you’re not in a battleground state.

  3. Luis
    August 10th, 2004 at 15:09 | #3

    If nhe can vote for Obama, then he’s in Illinois, which is not considered a battleground state. It is, in fact, a strong blue state, along with California and New York. It’s surrounded by battleground states, though. See Electoral-Vote.com.

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