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iPad Video Cable Works with iPhone 4

July 7th, 2010

Mc552When I got my iPad, I bought Apple’s $29 video adaptor, the one that goes from the Dock Connector to VGA. When you attach it to an iPhone 3G or 3GS, the phone immediately tells you that the cable won’t work with that device, even if it’s not connected to anything. But with the iPhone 4, it does work.

Of what use is that? Well, the only video adaptor previously available cost $49 and only worked with RCA cables–low-res. So the new adaptor is 40% cheaper and presents much better video.

Many might still not want one, however, as the iPad and iPhone 4 are limited in their video output: neither will display a direct screen mirror, but instead will only show up on the attached monitor if apps which specifically allow video output are used. Right now, that is mostly any video on iPod/Videos apps, or on YouTube (also Keynote on the iPad). But other apps may add this ability, allowing for much wider use–and many may find it sufficient to be able to output videos alone. We’ll see if the future brings more apps that can take advantage of this.

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