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The Great Iraqi Giveaway

August 22nd, 2004

A month and a half ago, I reported that between one to four billion dollars had apparently been looted from Iraq.

Time for an update.

The figure is $8.8 billion. Maybe up to $13 billion now, I’m not sure if the previous stolen booty is included in the new total or not.

Well, at least now, it is. Far from acting fast and tightening up the cash drawer in Iraq, the Bush administration apparently just decided to allow the scope of the fraud to widen. Now it’s not just oil revenues, it’s billions paid to “Iraqi ministries,” though lord only knows where the money really went to. Read the current telling of the story.

And of course, what will the media focus on next week? Probably the Swift Boat Veterans thing again. Those guys are worth their weight in gold to the Bush administration, smearing Kerry like mad and diverting attention away from Bush’s corruption and scandal.

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