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When Looking for Fire, See Where the Gas Is Coming From

August 14th, 2010

I have written about Republican projection before–if you hear right-wingers accusing the left of something, you can be pretty sure that (a) it’s either exaggerated or untrue, and, more to the point, (b) either they or someone else on their side is doing it or wants to do it.

Not too long ago, some distorted conspiracy theory from the Bachmann/fringe/loon camp was being spread about how Obama was using census data to set up “internment camps” built by FEMA (and I’m sure ACORN fit into it somewhere too, I must have missed that meeting), all to put people he didn’t like–that is, Republicans foolish enough to openly admit their party affiliation to a census worker–into them.

Nutty, huh?

Well, in the latest round of “how will we deal will the immigration crisis” paranoia, guess what some right-wingers want to build? Yep: internment camps. Asked if what she wanted was something like the Japanese internment camps of WWII, she said, “Something like that.”

Good thing Obama built those FEMA internment camps–we’re pretty much ready to go now.

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