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September 7th, 2004

A rather sizable aftershock, 6.4 on the Richter scale, has hit in the same place that the 7.3 hit just the other day. That one could be felt way over here in Tokyo as well, though it was more of a sharp jolt, and didn’t last very long.

Japan quake info can be found at Tenki.jp or at Hi-net.

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  1. Enumclaw
    September 8th, 2004 at 14:37 | #1

    That would actually be Senator Bob Graham. Phil Gramm, of course, is no longer in the Senate. Thank goodness.

    Nonetheless, the connections to Saudi money and power shouldn’t be news to anyone, but they are. The plain and simple fact is that we had people in the Bush Administration who were chomping at the bit for any excuse to go to war with Iraq, and 9/11 provided them with a perfect reason.

    Why Kerry and every other Democrat aren’t hammering on this, I don’t know. Kerry, IMO, really got sidetracked by the stupid Swift Boats thing; he should have blasted them and Bush for a couple of days, max, and then ignored them.

    By letting the media discredit them (which they were willing to do, and it would’ve been easy, since they’re a bunch of Republican whores) he would’ve been able to seem more Presidential, less of a whiner, and the attention would have gone off of it.

    Kerry should instead be clobbering Bush on the Iraq war. he should say “sure, I voted for it- when we thought there were nukes there. Sure, I voted for it- when the CIA was telling us Saddam was about to attack us. Sure, I voted for it- while the Bush Administration was covering up Saudi involvement in 9/11. Sure, I voted for it- before the truth came out.”

    We picked that fight with Iraq, and just as so often happens, when a nation *chooses* to go to war instead of being *required* to go to war, the nation is immoral and winds up in a bad situation.


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