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Generating Fear

February 23rd, 2011

Anjem ChoudarySean Hannity dedicated two segments of his show to this guy. Fox & Friends debated him as if he were a serious media figure and an actual threat. Right-wing blogs, magazines, and news sources are abuzz about him. Other, less outrageously right-wing media outlets have picked up on him.

Who is this major news figure? His name is Anjem Choudary. He’s a British Islamist who wants to lead a protest outside the White House to brand America as criminal and institute sharia law. Essentially, he’s a small-time loud-mouthed radical extremist who otherwise would be ignored.

So, why isn’t he being ignored? Why, instead, is he all over the news? Because he makes for a great bogeyman. He’s scary and is happy to go on any TV show and say exactly the kind of stuff that right-wingers want Americans to be afraid of, stuff that isn’t anywhere near being real but they want us to think it is.

Or, in summary: Oogah Boogah!!

Scared yet? Because the U.S. is just a few short steps from becoming a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship, you know.

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