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Bush Recovers

October 1st, 2004

Bush is coming across a bit better now, having hit Kerry on consistency, and gotten a softball from Lehrer about the war in Iraq being worth it. Bush is totally on script now, his footing surer, telling a heartwarming story and so on. This is his chance to get back on track.

Kerry response was just as warm, just as reassuring–but he finishes by laying out his plans about Iraq and hitting Bush, and Kerry gets the next question–he could pick this up again. Ended with saying Bush has four words, “more of the same.” Ah–Bush asked for a 30-second spot, he obviously knew he had to jump in here. And he’s using it to smash at Kerry, calling him more or less unfit to lead. Kerry hits back with the “Pottery Barn” rule. Kerry” I’m going to get it right–I have a plan, he doesn’t. Good play by Bush there, but Kerry held his ground.

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