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Debate Note

October 1st, 2004

A little later I’ll have a recap of the debate, and at some point (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow) I’ll re-watch the recording of the debate and make a more detailed analysis. But for right now, I just wanted to note that there is a consensus on who won: Kerry, hands down. It’s pretty much as I concluded myself (see my then-live running blog entries on the debate), that Kerry didn’t win by a knockout, but he sure won on points. Most polls have Kerry winning by a good 20% of the people surveyed.

One point that I wanted to mention now, since I don’t see anyone else talking about it: this was the debate that was supposed to be easiest for Bush. This was foreign policy, which Bush is supposed to be strongest on. The second debate, on October 8, will be open-topic, town-hall style, and the third on October 13 will be on domestic issues.

If Kerry can run with today’s success and trump it up, he could get something started that could lead up through the next debates and up to election day. And it seems like he might be off to a good start–I noticed that most of the news web sites, right after the debates, featured Kerry ads; hopefully that’s part of a post-debate ad blitz, a perfect time for Kerry to spend a big chunk of that $75 million he’s allotted.

More later.

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