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It’s Not Because of Trial Lawyers

May 11th, 2011

Conservatives love to blame runaway health care costs on a variety of things, including immigrants, liberal medical & insurance programs, and liberal-backed trial lawyers. The truth is, however, these things are not to blame. The real costs are pretty easy to predict: health care costs rise so much because the people making money off of them know they can raise costs nearly as much as they want, exploding profits–and people will still pay for medical treatment. Without socialized medicine and government regulation to control these costs, we wind up paying the most for the worst levels of care.

Part 1 of the graphic introduces the idea that we pay more than other 1st-world countries and get worse care. Part 2, a very long graphic, does an excellent job of laying out why, dispelling myths (there are four instead of the stated 3) and presenting the true reasons. It’s well worth scrolling through:


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