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An Even Fight

October 6th, 2004

You can really see Edward’s practice as an attorney here, for example when he asked the American people to listen very carefully to a point he was about to make, and telling viewers to carefully watch what Cheney said about the issue because of what Edwards expected him to say. These sound like what an attorney would say in giving the closing argument of a case.

Both are trading shots back and forth. Cheney directly addresses Edwards back, giving as good as he got, accusing Edwards to his face of being wrong, lacking conviction, and so forth–even taking a pot shot at Edwards about his voting record while running for office. Edwards holds his own in that respect, shooting right back. Cheney is not letting Edwards put him on the defensive like Bush did–showing that he’s a lot more capable than Bush, making you understand why Bush insisted Cheney be with him when he went before the 9/11 commission.

Both are coming across as convincing, knowledgeable, aggressive, calm, and convincing. So far, this debate looks like it will come out a tie. The only thing I can see them affecting in undecided voters is their manner: Cheney being calm, quiet and professional-looking, Edwards being more personable, likable, and just as convincing.

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