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A Reasonable Alternative

July 27th, 2011

Many have said it (including myself), and it is true: offer a reasonable plan for accessing media, and people won’t pirate so much.

Too bad by-mail or online media services in Japan are not even close to being like Netflix. I looked into them recently, and only found limited, overpriced by-mail services–essentially charging more than video rental shops for a set number of videos (usually something like four or eight) per month.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 8th, 2011 at 11:26 | #1

    Hikari TV has a rental service in addition to traditional PPV. However, I don’t know if it requires a decoder box to operate. I have a Toshiba TV, which can access Hikari TV directly without a box, but I haven’t tried to rent any movies yet.

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