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New Year’s Quake

January 1st, 2012

Sachi and I just felt a really strong tremor. Looks like it might have been a 5 or so in the Pacific to the south. Really shook us strongly here.

Update: now they’re saying it’s a 6.8.

Update: Now it’s upgraded to a 7.0, 300 miles to our SSW. Despite that, it registers as being strongest from Tokyo northward to Fukushima.


This one may have been distant, but it registered strong here. It had Sachi and me getting ready to look for cover.

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  1. kensensei
    January 2nd, 2012 at 13:05 | #1

    Yeah, we heard about the Japan quake on the news here in Calif.

    7.0 is quite scary. No doubt some aftershocks will follow, so keep alert and ready to duck for cover.

    As you said, it seems to have originated in the ocean. Any signs of a tsunami?

    What an ominous start to the new year!

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