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Shaken Awake

January 28th, 2012

Sachi and I were woken up this morning not, as is usually the case, by Ponta, but instead by an earthquake. It wasn’t strong, and shook just a little, but enough to wake us up. Then, ten minutes later, a stronger quake woke us up again, this one rattling the house somewhat.

Turns out the first one was a 5.0 about two-thirds of the way from here to Fuji, 35 miles from here. The second was a 5.5, in the exact same location. The quakes hit at 7:44 and 7:54.

If you heard of a 5.6 quake hitting Japan, that was an hour and a half later in Iwate, northern Japan.

This is what you get for living at the junction of four tectonic plates.

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