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Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

February 2nd, 2012

Romney is facing criticism even from his own party about his gaffe that he’s “not concerned about the poor.” What’s funny is that the right wingers are saying how stupid a statement this is while at the same time they are agreeing with it. Kind of like, “Hey, Mitt, no so loud!”

Jonah Goldberg, for example, says that:

…there are plenty of things one could say to defend Romney on the merits of what he says here. But great politicians on the morning after a big win, don’t force their supporters to go around defending the candidate from the charge that he doesn’t care about the poor. They just don’t.

In short, we’re with ya, Mitt, but let’s not go around telling people what we really feel quite so plainly, okay?

A man even more prone to inherent inconsistencies, Erick Erickson, said it best:

Not 12 hours after the networks called it for him, Mitt Romney went on CNN’s Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, spoke from the heart, and played straight into the liberal caricature that Republicans don’t have hearts. …

The issue here is not that Romney is right or wrong, but that he is handing choice sound bites to the Democrats to make him as unlikeable as he made Newt Gingrich.

The built-in contradiction here is that Erickson is upset that Mitt makes right-wingers look like they have no hearts–but not that he’s wrong or anything.

  1. kensensei
    February 2nd, 2012 at 12:34 | #1

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this link here. It’s really insightful reading.


    It addresses the growing decline in intellect among in the Republican party and their ideas (or lack thereof).


  2. Troy
    February 2nd, 2012 at 14:32 | #2

    Republicans have rhetorically boxed themselves into a corner — standing for 4% GDP for defense and 20% for total government spending, leaving $2.4T for everything else.

    Now, $2.4T is a lot of money — $20,000 per household.

    Unfortunately, $2.4T isn’t enough to cover SS and Medicare/Medicaid by 2019 ($1.1T & $1.3T respectively).

    Interest on the debt in 2011 was just $200B, but as we keep running up $1T+ deficits it’s going to rise to $500B+/yr by the end of the decade, assuming rates stay under 3% (and they probably will if Japan is any guide).

    These bastards don’t have the first clue what’s really wrong with the economy.

    The problem is the trade deficit, way too low taxation on everyone across the board, and massive rent-seeking in medical care (around $1.5T/yr — ~$10,000 per household — alone).

    If we were to repay the costs of Bush’s wars — $1.3T in direct costs, paid over 20 years would be $600/year/household.

    That doesn’t count the $400/yr/household in interest costs (since we borrowed that money to go to war) or the $1000/yr/household veterans’ costs.

    So we’re notionally $2000/yr/household in the hole just from Bush’s wars!

    It’s all a big joke, but as I say a lot, I don’t know who’s more screwed, the US or Japan.

    I suspect the US, but who the hell knows.

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