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Was It Worth It?

April 11th, 2012

Iraq did not have any WMD. It was not really any threat to us, aside from possible oil price fluctuations (which the war has helped cause anyway). So the only real benefit was to take out Saddam Hussein, who was not really much of a threat, and actually had a role in stabilizing a powder keg of a nation. Yep, he was a bloody dictator and probably a pretty damned evil monster, but also not too much better or worse than a lot of other dictators around the world, and in that particular region, who we have not removed.

Even in light of the fact that there were no WMD–the putative core reason for the war–many conservatives still say it was worth it, and they would have done it all over again.

How about the cost? A minimum of $1.9 trillion, roughly $6100 for each individual man, woman and child in the United States. The actual cost is probably going to be higher.

So, was that worth it? Had Bush been honest in 2003 and told you that, just to remove Saddam, that you and every other American would have to chip in $6100 (that’s $24,400 for a family of four, no group discount)–instead of what he did tell us, that Iraqi oil revenues would pay for the “$70 billion” cost–would you have merrily chipped in?

How about if he told you that it would cost an additional 4,800 or more American lives? And that it would kill at least 120,000 Iraqis along the way?

Is that worth removing a single bloody tin-pot dictator?

Would you really do that again?

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  1. Tim Kane
    April 11th, 2012 at 14:55 | #1

    I recall in the fall of 2003, six months or so after the invasion, checking CIA’s fact book, the online almanac, the GNP of Iraq for the prior year, 2002. It was $52 billion.

    I have no doubt that a hundred million dollars in well place bribes would have delivered Iraq, lock, stock, and infrastructure in tact. The Republican’s, aka, the wrecking crew, just had to wreck the place for the sake of wrecking it.

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