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Senate Democrats Are Still Mostly Weak-Kneed Imbeciles

January 25th, 2013

Why? Because they caved in on filibuster reform. They allowed Republicans to continue the 60-vote supermajority rule without cost.

Complete. Fracking. Idiots.

What are they thinking? What do they think they have accomplished?

They have just guaranteed that Democrats will be able to accomplish less than nothing for the next several years. With filibuster reform, they would have been able to get important presidential nominees passed, instead of just low-level positions they made room for here. They would have been able to pass legislation and at least force the House to face it. And were it possible for Democrats to take the House in the midterms—not likely but still possible—real progress could have been made. Vital progress.

What, do they think Republicans will be nice and not obstruct any more? Idiots.

Do they believe that if they lose the majority in the Senate, then Republicans will let them use the filibuster? On anything?

What’s a word stronger than “idiots”? Imbeciles? Schmucks? Chumps? Dumbasses? Nothing in the thesaurus seems to do justice.

If Republicans take control, the first thing they will do is make damned sure that Democrats can’t pull the same crap that the GOP has been getting away with and will continue to get away with. Democrats win nothing by being weak now. Not a thing.

In Virginia, a single Democrat goes to the Inaugural and Republicans ram through a non-census gerrymander. In Virginia and other key states, Republicans are gearing up to go nuclear on the gerrymander and rig the electoral votes so that even if a Democrat wins a striking majority of votes in the state, the Republican candidate will still win most of the electoral votes.

In short, they are now planning, overtly and outright, to literally steal the next few presidential elections—and you jackasses believe that they will play nice and fair with the filibuster?

Oh, you poor, brainless, pinheaded…. There are no words. You have failed us. Maybe there would not be much you could have done even with filibuster reform, but at least there was a glimmer of a chance. Now you have pretty much caved in and told the Republicans, “Go ahead, roll right over us. We’re stupid. We’ll let you.”

Am I over-reacting? Maybe. But like I said, if nothing else, this is at the very least symbolic.

Republicans are destroying this country. And Democrats are letting them.

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  1. Troy
    January 25th, 2013 at 12:55 | #1

    Good thing you’ve moved and are a quasi-honorary Japanese-type person!

    Today I found an interesting factoid on wikipedia:


    Japan’s not looking so bad by that measure!

    (The US is at negative $13,000, while Sweden, surprisingly, is right up there at $11,000 in the hole)

    The US is just fundamentally screwed by our politics.

    We need to reverse the rising Gini trend, but half the country thinks that’s godless Marxist-Leninism or something.

    Maybe it is, LOL — all the “lefty” nations are also quite atheist.

    I think there’s another 10-15 years of socio-economic craziness here before it all blows up.

    Japan, dunno! You guys gotta get your relationship with China sorted out tho!

  2. kensensei
    January 25th, 2013 at 14:29 | #2

    I feel your frustration.
    This was a rare opportunity to actually get something done.
    Apparently, Senator Reid has no interest in moving the nation forward.
    His incompetence has really hit a new low.

    I am dumbstruck by this and have no words to express my disappointment.


  3. Tim
    January 25th, 2013 at 22:43 | #3

    Yesterday I had a dart board with Mitch McConnell’s face on it.

    Today I have a dart board with Harry Reid’s face on it.

    Right now, I hate Reid more than I hate McConnell. McConnell is supppose to be an @sshole. Reid made all kinds of promises right up to the last minute. I hope this somehow cost Reid his majority leader job.

    Maine’s new Senator, and independent, ran on the single issue of filibuster reform. He caucused with Democrats. Today he should be withdrawing his support, or at least, kicking Reid in the shins.

  4. Troy
    January 26th, 2013 at 04:22 | #4

    Here’s an interesting factoid:

    The US is going to be gaining 2.5M people age 25-54 from now to 2020.

    And Japan is going to be losing 3.0M people in this category!


    Looks like Japan might need to expand the JET program to cover more lines of work!

    Then again with the falling population is going to come a loss of jobs, too. Fewer people >> Fewer consumption of goods & services >> Fewer jobs!

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