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Arts Day Festival

November 15th, 2004

Some images from this year’s Arts Day Festival at the college where I work. You’d be surprised by the talent that exists around you but you don’t know because you don’t see it… until a day like this. Or like the first Arts Day last year.

A gospel choir

Pottery, among various crafts displayed by the students

A hip-hop group

Iyo at the piano

Roger rockin’ down

An appreciative crowd, with more artwork displayed along the walls

A cheerleader group

…and a versatile deejay.

My own contribution was a 16-minute video of the students preparing for Arts Day, shot by Iyo, Hitomi and Moto, which I edited together, adding music, transitions, and effects. The video is linked to by the image below. It is a QuickTime movie (QT required, if you do not have it installed already), and although compressed and reduced in size, is still 44 MB, at 17 minutes running time. After watching it, you may have a better idea as to why I did not blog much in the past week or so–it took a lot of time to put it together using nothing more than iMovie.

Note: the movie was not displaying properly, but is now fixed.

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  1. Yoshi
    November 15th, 2004 at 18:28 | #1

    I cannot watch the movie, it is only the opening.
    How can I watch it?

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