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Republicans: Divide and Conquer California

December 3rd, 2004

With California being the largest electoral state, and because it always goes to Democrats these days, Republicans are seeking out new ways to grab as much of the state as possible away from Democrats. First is a proposal by Republican lawmakers to divide the state’s electoral votes: whomever wins in any one congressional district gets one electoral vote, up to the total of 53; the remaining two senatorial votes are given to the candidate winning the most votes statewide. Note that Republicans are not suggesting this be done in states like Texas.

Add to this the fact that Governor Schwarzenegger plans on “redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries”–in short, non-census gerrymandering, just like in Texas, so as to stack the legislature with as many Republicans as possible and take the state into Red territory.

But add the two together: Schwarzenegger gerrymandering to turn districts Republican, and Republicans awarding electoral votes on a per-district basis. Begin to see a pattern forming? Republicans nationwide are doing everything they can, no holds barred, to solidify their power and make this a one-party country…

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