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Reaching New Lows: Deranged, Perverted, AND Hypocritcal

September 21st, 2013

a creepy conservative adConservatives have a new ad out, one which is universally being referred to as “creepy,” which attacks Obamacare. It depicts a woman at a gynecological exam having a ghoulish pervert in an Uncle Sam costume sneak up on her with a speculum.

The message, void of the warped imagery, is that Obamacare puts the government between you and your medical care, an old canard which conservatives always fall back on when it comes to anything related to health care reform, a message as fake as the asininely depraved vehicle used to deliver it.

The real irony: these same conservatives—pretty much exactly the same conservatives—are the ones who are getting laws passed around the country which force women, including rape victims, to undergo mandatory vaginal ultrasounds before they can get an abortion.

That’s right. The people who actually are getting Uncle Sam to creepily violate women in hospitals for no defensible reason are putting out ads falsely saying that Obamacare will do to women what they are doing to women. Imagine a rapist putting out a commercial saying that the district attorney sexually violates women, or an arsonist running a nationwide TV campaign about how firefighters actually start fires. That’s pretty much what we’re looking at here.

It would be creepy even if it weren’t true that these people want to force rape victims who are trying to stop the pregnancy caused by their rapist to undergo a medically unnecessary procedure equivalent to government-mandated rape. I’m trying to imagine how you could be even a little bit more perverse than these people without sounding ludicrously obscene, but these people have long since passed that landmark.

  1. Tim
    September 23rd, 2013 at 00:23 | #1

    I’ve finely have reached the point where I’ve had to say the hell with Godwin’s law.

    These people are the latterday Nazi’s of modern America.

    The thing that finally pushed me over the wall was their latest beef about American exceptionalism.

    How is American exceptionalism any different from some society thinking they are the chosen race, or the master race, or descendant from Gods.

    That and the Rascalian pretext are the stepping stones to avoiding accountability for one’s actions.

    As the late great Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D., said, “we are at our worst when we are least accountable for our actions.”

    In Pre WWII Germany the wealthy were, of course always conservatives. The problem is, by definition, the wealthy can’t put up the numbers. After WWI, rightist were worried about the natural appeal the communist party would have to the working class in a very democratic Wiemar republic. Anton Drexler had the idea of creating a political party on the right that would appeal to the working class, thus the “German Workers” part of the Nazi name.

    But lower echelons, the rabble, migrate to the right for different reasons than the wealthy. typically out of nationalism, authoritarianism, militarism, traditionalism, those sorts of things. The upper classes look down upon the rabble as if they were barbarian rabble. But the Nazi’s had the numbers. When push came to shove, the wealthy aligned with the rabble to stop the communist. But since the Nazi’s brought the numbers, they got to take control. Then they spent the next 12 years proving the wealthy’s point on how they weren’t fit to rule.

    I believe the Koch brothers had made the same calculation. After the Bush meltdown, the appeal on the left (from their far right stand point) had to appear to be overwhelming, they were looking at New Deal progressiveness all over again, and so the appeal on the left had to be countered by a specific movement on the right that appealed to the rabble, to get the numbers. And because of the growth of the primary system as becoming the main method of nominating candidates, the American system was becoming Wiemarized.

    They are the same thing. Conservative rabble. They bully, they are discusting, They are reactionary. They rely on rascalian pretext, they preach exceptionalism, they like to engage in offensive wars, and torcher. They goverment default/shut down is their crystal night.

    The problem is, like the Nazis, they can’t quite get the numbers they need, and they are losing traction. And their angry bullying tactics is only going to push people in the other direction, but their will be hell to pay in the mean time.

    Like the Nazi’s, they’d like to bully their way into power. They essentially came to power in a similar way with Bush and the Supreme court. They didn’t have the number there, either. They pushed their way through and it nearly was a disaster on as big of a scale as when the Nazi’s came to power.

    Probably we are going to have to go through a big event to create an inflection point, whereby our society will reject fascism with a vengence. It’s hard to believe the society I was born into has decided to go down this road. But it was a choice made by the economic elites on the right – a choice they made when they chose the southern option.

  2. Troy
    September 23rd, 2013 at 08:30 | #2

    They essentially came to power in a similar way with Bush and the Supreme court

    Actually, more like the brownshirts:


    as for the German parallel, I read not too long ago that the Junkers structured the 2nd Reich to mitigate true democracy.


    “in 1849 the first class constituted 4.7% of the population, the second class 12.7% and the third class 82.6%. This distribution meant that a first-class vote had 17.5 times the value of a third-class vote.”

    what is funny is that in the US, the top 5% do in fact clear 33% of the income, so this is exactly what the Republicans want.

    And what gets me most is that the 5%’s income — which starts at $1.5M now — is not generally the wages one earns, but the wages that others have earned and have been captured by various rent-seeking mechanisms, in land, energy, heath care, etc.

  3. Troy
    September 23rd, 2013 at 08:33 | #3

    I’m not going to watch the ad but I wonder about the factual accuracy.

    ObamaCare is simply the requirement that people who can afford to get insurance do so, combined with some degree of subsidies, scaled to benefit lower income households the most and phasing out at 4x the poverty income level.

    It is of course entirely conservative in nature, which is why the Heritage Foundation was pushing it in the first place.

    These conservatives are very twisted people. And there’s millions and millions of them!

    Japan also has this problem with conservatives being a rather large segment of the population.

  4. Troy
    September 24th, 2013 at 01:30 | #4


    Stupendously great piece on this.

    One of those writings where I wished I had the ability to word the argument as clearly and as carefully.

  5. Troy
    September 25th, 2013 at 13:50 | #5
  6. Tim
    September 26th, 2013 at 23:15 | #6

    Yeah, you are right about the Brooks-Brothers riot they were the Brown Shirts of that movement. If there ever was a counter-reactionary movement, a list of those who participated in that event should be used, and they should be hunted down and prosecuted for treason – unwilling to allow due process to proceed in the county of votes. It the voters are sovereigns, then the participants of the Brooks-Brother’s riots are traitors to the country and the constitution.

    I’m not in favor of salem witch hunts or kangaroo courts or show trials, but these people committed a very terrible crime, and having them convicted of treason, having some of the blame for all of the Bush wrongs hung on them individual, and a massive shaming and humiliation along with jail time and hard labor and confiscating of their property would be okay to me. When they get out of jail make it a crime for them to hold a job or buy insurance. They can then beg for money, live off of food stamps, and feel what they inflicted upon millions of Americans.

    The Supreme Court functioned like the conservative oligarchs that handed the baton to Hitler. They thought he was working for them not the other way around. If I remember correctly, the conservative chancellor before Hitler was killed in the “night of the long knives” on June 31, 1934, along with the Brown shirt thugs.

    I get the feeling, and so I hope, that this is the last flailing of a movement in its last throws, to borrow Cheney’s infamous line. If they go through with the government shutdown, they’ll lose the house in the next election. They might anyway: more and more people are on social security and they don’t like living with uncertainty. The march of demographics continues. They’ll be an annoyance until 2021. After that they history.

    I predict a party will emerge on the left of the democrats as the democrats stay in the center because big money will perch there.

    The guns, god and racism crowd, that is, the right wing rabble might just as likely be radicalized into something on the left as they are now on the center.

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