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It’s Never Right

December 10th, 2004

This always happens to me. Back when the yen was down to the 80’s per dollar, I had no money to exchange. I always miss the sweet rate. Just a few days ago, it was at 102.1, and had taken forever to get there. Less than a week passes, and now the damn thing’s back up to 105.8–more than a yen higher than yesterday, a big jump, like the other big jumps over the past several days. I mean, for crying out loud. Today I wanted to change but had no time, so it’ll have to be Monday. And the way the rate works, if it goes favorable for buying dollars, the banks don’t change the official rate until the next day; if the rate goes more favorable for them to sell dollars–worse for buyers like me–they change the rate almost immediately. I checked on that once, a bit of a scam there. But it means that even if the rate breaks my way Monday before I buy dollars, I still won’t see anything from it–but the rate could get worse and I could get socked by it.

Good thing I don’t play the stock market. With my luck in these things, I’d be broke by now.

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