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Tweetless Twitter

April 14th, 2014

This did not surprise me at all:

According to a report from Twopcharts, an online service that tracks twitter users have found that, 44 percent of twitter users do not use twitter. These users have a twitter account, but never tweeted anything. This report says 30 percent of existing twitter accounts have sent 1-10 Tweets.

In other words, 74% of all Twitter accounts result in people never really doing anything with them. It does not surprise me because that’s about how long it takes for people to figure out that they really don’t want to tweet as much as they thought they did.

And I’m one of them. Never got into the Tweeting habit. Tried it, thought “meh,” moved on.

Except I use my Twitter account all the time: I find it is excellent for getting me into comment sections of web sites. I despise having to register an email address and wait for the sometimes unforthcoming confirmation email before I can drop a quick note into a discussion. A lot of places now allow you to sign in with Twitter. And that does not bug me in the least, as I used a junk email account to initiate it, and never put anything up on my page.

Essentially, for me, Twitter is just a way to comment on sites more easily. Works swell in that way!

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