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It Never Left

November 18th, 2014

One of the hallmarks of modern racism has been its covert nature. For better or worse, racism, while still strong in the United States, has gone underground. People with racist inclinations have learned that it is no longer acceptable to make outright public statements of a racist nature.

Or, actually, not. Racism in recent years has bounded back, largely helped by institutional racism and the ability to go largely anonymous in public thanks to the Internet.

You still cannot make outright racist statements in public, but you can use a rather well-established code. Racists have found cover in this, encouraged by the institutions of the media—Fox News and even more extremist outlets reporting relentlessly on minorities in a fashion that all but screams racism—and of politics—conservatives nationwide showing contempt for minorities, blaming them for the nation’s woes and passing laws to cut off their voting rights.

This is further spurred by the widespread insistence, legitimized by the Supreme Court no less, that even in face of some of the most racist policies and mindsets that we have seen in decades, America is supposedly “past” racism, that it is no longer a problem. In the same way that historical revisionism whitewashes the wrongs done by the nation and gives us the confidence to march forward into more wrongdoings in the world, this so “post-racialism” gives cover to those with racist intent, making them feel that so long as they conform to the new rules of the game, then their rather overt—even blazing—racism is not actually “racism.”

Reading the comments in an ABC News story about how the FBI expects violence in the wake of an upcoming grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO, I was truck by how baldly racist the comments were, using the rules of New Racism:

Any decision will lead to violence. Violence is what the DOJ and Obama want. It is what the Jacksons and Sharptons do. The protesters can’t wait to loot any business.

And they should be shot down for the criminals they are. They have been on the dole so long they cannot accept “No” for an answer for anything or any situation. They are a bunch of uncivilized hoodlums.

Guilty or not guilty it does not matter…They are getting their free TV’s and Rims one way or the other…And none of them cares or knows who Michael Brown is.

Don’t knock ‘affirmative shopping’ ! the brothas gotta eat !!

The FBI is obviously a racist organization. Blacks are peaceful people. They would never ever hurt anyone or destroy anything. They are the pillars of intellectual achievement across the globe. They are simply misunderstood. When they burn down a small business, it’s because they have visions of putting in skyscrapers of achievement in their place. White folk just don’t grasp the higher (ebonic) math needed to burn down a small business and injure or kill innocent civilians.

When Ferguson happens it will saturate the media. That is exactly the time Obama will give executive amnesty to untold millions. Don’t waste that crisis.

The story had more than 1600 comments at the time of this posting—and was gaining dozens of new comments every minute. Most of them were like the ones above.

One of the key rules of New Racism: avoid using classic, outright epithets; instead, use names of prominent people of color in a disparaging way, in addition to a variety of widely-disparaged names, terms, and stereotypes. Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder; Affirmative Action, food stamps, ebonics, handouts, amnesty; looting, lazy, hoodlum, moocher, thug… not hard to see where all of it leads.

It is sadly ironic that one of the few posts to be editorially questioned was one which labeled some of the above posts as “racist.” It was available on a link, but marked “held for moderation.” And the commenter who made that remark was immediately attacked by several as being racist himself—another standard tactic in the New Racism: anyone who calls you a racist is a racist. Pile on, quickly and in force.

Not far behind the New Racism, however, does the Old Racism lurk. Spurred by enough sentiment going their way, those who would gladly dispense with the more politically correct racism soon come out—and too many of the comments are not held for moderation:

If violent Negroes want to burn businesses and not accept the verdict, they should be dealt with with water cannons first and then guns. There’s no place in the USA for Violent people to kill and burn because they don’t agree with grand jury court verdict. This is the USA, not some third world toilet bowl country and if Negroes can’t live under the rule of law, they need to move overseas and leave the USA, period.

Feral animals at it again. And, of course, that’s how this whole situation began.

Back to trees Boogies!

all i see is organized terrorists. time to squash the savages


Time for a race war. Let’s just get it over with.

Yep. No more racism in America. We’re all clean.

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  1. kensensei
    November 18th, 2014 at 12:17 | #1

    And Progressives wonder why the Right Wing can hold on to power in spite of their obvious anti-middle-class views.

    The core of the problem is that these uneducated bigots (aka “Christian Conservative bloggers” and “tea party members”) are in reality voting for anything that will sustain their White Privilege.

    There is no consideration of issues and long-term strategy; they feel that “their country” has been hijacked by immigrants (all along forgetting they were once immigrants themselves) and non-whites who threaten their good old-fashioned Christian (aka “racist”) values.

    The global mindset has changes, leaving these people in the minority and they don’t like it.

  2. Troy
    November 19th, 2014 at 12:07 | #2

    ~40% of this country is simply nutso.

    “More than four in 10 Americans continue to believe that God created humans in their present form 10,000 years ago”


    If you have that in your worldview, you really lack critical thinking skills.

    On another site I visit a commentator has a thesis that things are going to get a lot, lot worse here around 2017-2018, the return of the Great Recession etc, but the public has been so thoroughly brainwashed and/or bullshitted that we will be too divided to bring back sane policy choices like what FDR and his left majorities in Congress were able to effect.

    The GOP lost 100 seats in 1932, turning an evenly-divided House to 3:1 Dem.

    By 1936 the GOP was down to 16 out of 96 seats in the Senate.

    Not going to get that degree of economic populism this century. Too many shitheads here, now. Well, they were here in the 1930s, too, and FDR had to shape the reforms to satisfy the racists that were in the Dem coalition then.

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