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No, That’s Not the Way

May 11th, 2015

I am getting tired of people saying that so long as there are Muslims who threaten violence for drawing images of Muhammed, the proper—even necessary—response is to do it more and more, to shove it in their faces to show that they cannot intimidate us.

You’ll have to forgive me, but that is such an unforgivably shallow and narrow-sighted reaction that it is rather startling to me that so many people seem to agree with it. That is absolutely not the way to react.

First, let’s not forget that most Muslims who would be gravely offended by drawings of Muhammed do not approve of killing people who offend them. These are the people you want to have on your side—so what the hell do you think is so brilliant about pissing them off?

Imagine a comedian is performing in front of an audience. Most of the people are into the act, enjoying the show. However, a few jerks in the audience are heckling and generally trying to derail everyone’s enjoyment. How should the comedian react? Is the proper response to insult the entire audience? Maybe say, “So this is the kind of idiot who typifies this city? Boy, everyone who lives in this town seems to be a flaming moron!”

Of course the comedian won’t do that—because it is eminently stupid. All it would accomplish would be to offend the very people you want to have on your side. All it will do is drive away the people who want to support you, and put many of them into the company of those you were trying to put down.

With this so plainly evident, why is the reaction of “champions of free speech” to do exactly the wrong thing? Why is the “necessary” reaction to the jerks and the extremists somehow inevitably the one course of action that will offend the good people the most, and only help the jerks and the extremists?

The reaction to violence against those who draw comics about Muhammed should not be to draw more comics about Muhammed. The reaction should instead be to draw comics featuring the schmucks who react violently to cartoons of Muhammed. Draw a cartoon of that person holding a piece of paper marked “Drawing of Muhammed,” and have the schmuck be wetting his pants and crying like an infant, shouting “KILL, KILL, KILL!!” while some reasonable Muslims stand by commenting, “What a dick.”

Why isn’t that evident?

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  1. Troy
    May 12th, 2015 at 12:36 | #1

    Christians, especially evangelical / millenial, don’t respect muslims at all, yes. Around 50% of the country’s christians are of this type, who believe the world will end by 2050.

    So many retards in this country, it’s really quite something.

    I type that and go tee-hee-hee to myself, but the actual reality of it is horrifying.

    It’s these clowns who got us into Afghanistan in 2001-2002 and then Iraq in 2003, essentially killing my country’s fiscal balance, let alone all the physical and pscyhological damage the troops they sent there have suffered, plus all the collateral damage our 21st century military inflicted on the people there.

    Then there’s Dr Ben Carson telling the GOP vote that since 10% tithing is in the bible, cutting income taxes to a flat 10% would be the best thing.

    Moronical doesn’t begin to describe it, morons have measurable IQs, 50-70 actually.

    We need a word for actively stupid, how one’s ideology just destroys your ability to think correctly, to understand how the world actually works and what consequences can follow from one’s actions (accurately seeing the future is a good working definition of intelligence)

    “Moran” might work, as in the “Get a Brain, Morans” guy, who was a St Louis defense worker counter-protesting the anti-war movement at his plant.

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