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He Was For It Before He Was Against It

May 15th, 2015

One of the reasons John Kerry lost the 2004 election was the now-famous statement by Kerry on the Iraq War: “I was for it before I was against it.” Except, he never said that. He said,“I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.” The quote was about an $87 billion appropriation bill for military operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq, not Kerry’s actual position on the Iraq War. Kerry voted for a version of the appropriations bill that would be paid for by getting rid of some of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, but later voted against a version which lacked that provision. His statement, which Kerry admitted was “inarticulate,” was then taken out of context and now is almost as famous as Al Gore’s “I invented the Internet,” another quote that was baldly misrepresented. Still, it cost Kerry dearly.

Well, how about Jeb Bush now? He’s had years to decide where he stands on the Iraq War. What’s his position on it?

Well he was for it, and would do it again if he had to face the same choice.

But that was Monday. On Tuesday, he didn’t know.

Tuesday is so long ago, though; on Wednesday, he said that answering the question would offend the troops.

And now? Well, it’s Thursday, and Bush is now against the war.

So, he was for it before he wasn’t sure before he wouldn’t answer before he was against it.

I admit, it’s not as catchy as what they made Kerry’s quote out to be. How about, “He was for it before he was against it, and waffled a few times in between.”

Or maybe just stick to the classic, “He was before it before he was against it.” Sure, you lose the waffling, but the short version has merits: it’s catchier, it demonstrates flip-flopping, it illustrates irony—and it is a far more accurate representation of Bush’s actual statements than it ever was of Kerry’s.

Oh, and let’s not forget the canard that Bush threw in at the start: that Hillary voted for the war too. “I would have, and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody”

As I have pointed out, that’s yet another asinine Republican lie. Clinton voted for the war powers act, and possibly did that as a political weasel, but she also made crystal clear in a Senate floor speech that her vote was to give Bush a bargaining chip to pressure Saddam, and that war was only a “last resort.” Only an idiot would presume that Clinton, on her own, would have taken us into Iraq. As much of a hawk as Clinton is, she clearly would not have done that.

  1. Troy
  2. Troy
    May 20th, 2015 at 13:28 | #2

    Been mac-less for a month now, today’s MBP update was snoozeville.

    Hoping WWDC will have something interesting, otherwise I’ll just have to build a Hackintosh I guess.

    I’ve been researching this pretty thoroughly for a month now, the process is still a bit sketchy and my tolerance for snags here is pretty low, but damn if $400 can’t buy me a pretty decent PC upgrade.

    I already have the case, power supply, SSD, and graphics card I need, what’s left is the mb ($120), DDR3 memory ($50), Haswell-Refresh i3 (3.8Ghz, $150), and CPU cooler (noctua has one for $40).

    What with the iPad Air 2, I really don’t need a laptop that much, and the Mac Pro and iMacs are overkill in the price department.

    Maybe the Mac Mini will see an update to Broadwell, but it’s kinda dubious.

    For $900 I can get a 3.1Ghz Mini, but that compactness isn’t worth $500 and zero expandability to me.

    Hopefully Apple won’t be cracking down on Frankenmacs with 10.11. If they do, worst case scenario is that I have a nice Windows 10 box I guess.

    Nice that Windows 10 is free this year, at least!

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