A Day Out

March 27th, 2005

It seems like everyone was out there today–I’ve never seen so many people out at the parks and on the river. Tons of people. Too many, in fact, for good birding. A lot of guys fishing out there, especially. You see them out a lot of the time, but today they were everywhere.


Though my usual spot on the river didn’t have any birds because of the crowds, there was one interesting visitor near the embankment:


So I traveled around quite a bit, up and down the Tama River, and up into Sakuragaoka Park (no birds there, but some nice views). One thing this birding will do for me is give me some much-needed exercise. Though my feet are killing me.

In any case, a few nice photos from today–vertical shots, this time. Photos of the birds I found later.



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