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Do the Math

September 13th, 2005

Conservatives out there are saying that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is criminally irresponsible for not having gotten the Superdome people on buses and evacuated all of them before Katrina hit; at the same time, they defend Bush, saying that he got the National Guard and other relief to New Orleans as fast as could be expected.

If you run into somebody arguing thusly, present this simple argument:

Nagin had 29 hours warning before stormfall that a mandatory evacuation would be necessary. Bush took 4-5 days to get the National Guard in the city.

How can you fault the mayor of a city for failing to evacuate 30,000+ destitute civilians in school buses in 29 hours, and at the same time say that the President of the United States was not slow when it took him four to five days to get the same number of highly organized and well-equipped soldiers in military vehicles into the same city?

Somehow, the math simply doesn’t work out. You can’t have it both ways.

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  1. Tim Kane
    September 14th, 2005 at 04:57 | #1

    Actually, I think it took fearless leader four or five days to realize that there might be a problem in New Orleans.

    The vitriolic spew they hearl at someone who is not Bush is insane.

    In a larger sense, they are the problem. They don’t respect objective thought, objective data, or for that matter the will of the majority, only the will of authority, rigged, in their favor. But even still, they are doing themselves in as they do in America.

    Two cities laid waste in just under four years, one entirely vacated possibly forever, The wealthy are wealthier and the poor are poorer then ever before, with American’s dying in the streets, finances in shambles, cost of living way up, dollar way down, a feckless war and moral quagmire in Iraq, Torture at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, trashing of 90 years of accumulated moral authority, a divided America, A mass murderer of American’s at large and seemingly at ease: At what point would they begin to realize what a bust Bush is? America in smoking ruins? Gone the way of the Roman Empire? (Do they even realize that their policies are similar to the ones that did in the Roman Empire).

    The only good outcome from all of this devistation would be if the Neocons ideology is thoroughly discredited. But that’s a tough call.

    You get the government you deserve, and if you voted for Bush you got the government that you deserve: Cities laid waste and Americans dying in the streets. This is the type of thing all reasonable people, republican (see John Danforth) and democrat, liberal and conservative (again see John Danforth) feared from Bush but hoped might not happen. And it is just beginning.

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