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A Little Egret

October 7th, 2005

Today was a bit busy, so the post will be primarily a photo I took recently. This was from the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, the same day I got the Kingfishers, Herons and Snipes. I was able to catch a cute image of a Little Heron taking off. You know the Little Heron from its yellow feet. Well, here they are quite visible:


That’s a cropped version of the image. If you click on the picture, you’ll get a full-sized Wallpaper image, which includes the bird’s shadow on the water. I like this image because the Egret’s wings are down, making it look like the bird is just leisurely hanging in mid-air, feet dangling.

Pretty soon I should blog on all the birding locations I’ve found in Tokyo, like I promised a while ago. I’ve got a lot of good water locations, but need to get more land watching places–I’ve still not seen a lot of passerine (land-based) birds, not as many as I’d like. They’re tougher, of course–you have to see them in trees, which is tough, as opposed to shorebirds which sit there out in the open.

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