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Some Tama Pics

November 22nd, 2005

Here are a few photos I picked up yesterday along the Tama River. First, I was able to get some gull shots; it turns out that the flock of Black-headed Gulls that were scared off by the fisherman last time tend to return to the same spot. So this time, without the disruptive piscatorial intruder, I was able to get closer and snap off a few nice portraits. Again (and I will do this as often as I can), all the pictures have 1000 x 8000 pixel blow-ups when clicked.

1105-Bh Gulls-450

1105-Bh Gull Landing-450

1105-Bh Gull Landing2-450

I also got a good shot of a Grey Heron, and only after looking at the shot later did I realize that a few Wagtails, one of them flying, by pure chance were caught in the frame. Furthermore, one of the Wagtails is a White and the other is a Japanese (less common).

1105-Heron Wagtails-450

Another, closer shot of the Japanese Wagtail:

1105-Japanese Wagtail-450

I also got a few nice shots of Black Kites:

1105-Black Kites1-450

1105-Black Kite2-450

There were four, and they were cavorting about and landing on the riverbank… but I’ve had less than stellar luck getting sharp focus on the birds when they fly against the sky as background, for some reason.

And finally, I got a pretty fair shot of a Meadow Bunting.

1105-Meadow Bunting-450

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