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On Vacation Again

August 4th, 2003

According to this CBS News story (dated August 6th, 2003–go figure), the president has been declared in good health and “fit for duty.” So, naturally, Bush is off for another month-long vacation.

Yes, our fearless leader is yet again going on vacation at his Crawford ranch. By the end of this particular vacation, Bush will have spent about 20% of his term in office on vacation at his ranch–and he has spent even more time at Camp David, plus a little time off at Kennebunkport. That’s far more vacation time in less than three years than Clinton spent in eight years, and Clinton was criticized for taking too much time off. It’s even more time than Reagan spent during his eight years.

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  1. August 5th, 2003 at 10:19 | #1

    Heh. When you add in the time that he spends in Camp David and Kennebunkport, it turns out that the president has spent more than 27% of his term on vacation. Must be nice to be president! Those of us who have to work for a living (or, ahem, make persuasive arguments for expensive and uncertain new ventures) are not quite as fortunate.

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