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April 18th, 2006

So another year comes, another group of students. Today was the opening ceremony for my college and our affiliate school, and as usual, it was quit the shindig. In Japan, people are big on ceremonies like this. For opening ceremony, all the new students and most of their families come. It’s held at a big hotel (the ANA Hotel in Roppongi, though we also use the Century Hyatt for graduations), and there are speeches (an hour and a half this time, including the speech by the Cultural Attaché from the U.S. embassy), followed by a buffet lunch and entertainment, including a string quartet, a guitar band, a marching band, and many musical and dance performances by students (the guy with the bagpipes didn’t show up this year).

So it was a lot of fun–hopefully setting a good, upbeat tone with our new students. And so starts another year. The beginning of my ninth, as it stands. Here’s to many more.





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  1. April 19th, 2006 at 01:23 | #1

    Nice to meet you!

    I’m Japanese man studying English.
    I browsed your blog.
    You have original idea, I guess.

    Althogh I am strange to write blog in English, I write blog in

    English and Japanese.
    So native speakers who are visiting constantly point out the

    mistakes on my blog!
    They flatters me!

    I think I could learn from you.

    Have a good day!

    Japanglish Times from Tokyo Japan

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