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Futurama Will Be Back!

June 25th, 2006

Futurama-SeeyouIt is now official, Comedy Central has commissioned Fox Entertainment to produce 13 new episodes of Futurama! The series is scheduled to come back sometime in 2008. Naturally, I’d love to see it back earlier and with more episodes per season (what is up with that baloney, anyway? 13 episodes? Hey, Cable TV, grow a pair, willya?), but any new Futurama is going to be good Futurama. All the original cast and crew have signed on to return.

Not to say they didn’t see it coming: when the last episode of Futurama aired, the opening subtitle gag read: “See You on Some Other Channel.”

And so it will be.

By the way: if you want a little fix now, see this Futurama-animated commercial for “An Inconvenient Truth,” voiced by Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Al Gore (“Yes, I play a streetwise pimp with a hybrid pimpmobile”).

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