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August 16th, 2006

OK, well, maybe it wasn’t that big. But still, a 4-inch-long moth is nonetheless pretty impressive. However, it’s not as pretty as this one was almost exactly three years ago (though they certainly appear to be related). I’m deeply unnerved by just about any insect bigger than one centimeter, and not too fond of the ones smaller than that, but for some reason winged insects are an exception. Not that I’d wait in line to have this bug crawling on my hand, but it certainly wouldn’t provoke the same reaction as a cockroach the same size would. Or a spider.


Click for a larger image, if you like this kind of thing.

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  1. jake
    April 30th, 2007 at 13:28 | #1

    Where did you see this green-winged moth? I just saw one today in Rappahannock County Virginia. Do you know its name?

  2. Luis
    April 30th, 2007 at 15:59 | #2

    This is just one of many types of large moth that often appear around my apartment building here in outer Tokyo in late summer. I don’t know what it is called or anything else, I just photographed it is all.

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