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The Right Time

October 3rd, 2006

I think that now would be a very good time for that group message the Democrats need to send. Maybe wait until next week, give the Foley & Woodward issues just enough time to burn out their big fires in the media, and just when everyone takes a breath, show a few hundred Democratic candidates standing on the steps to the Capitol building, all agreeing on a central, core message, advocating Democratic hopes and values, what they want to achieve. Doesn’t have to be a contract or anything. Just a united front.

It’s the perfect time: the American people would see the Republicans, on one side, crashing and burning, and the Democrats, on the other, standing united and hopeful. A fantastic contrast. The Republicans have skyrocketed their negatives, now the Democrats should grab the chance to skyrocket their positives, to show an affirmative, constructive, optimistic alternative. Not to mention they could keep a firm grip on the news cycles.

They won’t do it, of course.

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