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Faux News Pipe Dream

October 4th, 2006


From Crooks & Liars: Fox News ran this graphic twice on TV, three times on the web, incorrectly identifying Mark Foley as a Democrat. C&L’s John Amato wonders coyly if it was intentional. I don’t. Obviously it was intended, else it was a “willing error,” something they did because they wished it so, which is almost the same thing.

But knowing Fox, and considering that it was from O’Reilly’s show, I’d put big money on the idea that they did it intentionally, either as a snark, or as a serious attempt to place the idea in people’s minds. After all, right-wingers have been working like mad to somehow blame this on liberals: Democrats leaked the story as a dirty trick, the “liberal” media withheld the story until just before elections, liberals are responsible for the type of behavior Foley showed, a Democrat was in a House page scandal 23 years ago, et cetera, et cetera.

Suck it up, conservatives.

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