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Hollywood Elitism

June 4th, 2007

The right wing simply can’t stop being enraged by Hollywood! The Hollywood Elite! Actors who try to get involved in politics! Just some of the buzz, all actual quotes: “the ‘Hollywood elite’ are openly hostile to the attitudes, opinions, and values of millions of Americans” … “anti-Americanism and a rejection of traditional morality are positives in the glitter capital of the world” … “The problem with celebrity elitism is not the idiocy of the ideas that are expressed by the stars… but the blindly arrogant expectation that somehow their views deserve to be taken seriously merely because they are famous” … “creators of false images (i.e., movies, TV) live in their heads and their imaginations” … “they can afford, socially and economically, to live like moral reprobates” … “Hollywood should JUST SHUT UP” ….

Wait… Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for president if only we amended the constitution? Fred Thompson is thinking of running now? Really??

HOO-ray for HOL-LYwood!!!!

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  1. June 4th, 2007 at 13:30 | #1

    And don’t forget Reagan… or Gopher from the Love Boat…

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