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Sunset, Sunrise

September 24th, 2003

Some photos taken in the past few days. First, I caught a sunset–not great as a sunset, but some interesting photos within nevertheless. Then a sunrise, after a very late night up, taken from my dining room window.

Seiseki Sakuragaoka, on the Keio Main Line, seen from the bridge. A time elapse shot, about 10 seconds.

An egret in the water below. This shot is not reduced in size, but rather is a crop from a much larger photograph; otherwise, I would never have gotten it so close up. A “digital zoom,” I suppose you could say.

A nice two-second elapse shot, a truck rolling by.

And the shot out my dining room window. A nice view, I just wish it got sunsets rather than sunrises–I’m not awake for enough of the latter.

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