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Come Again, Bob?

September 26th, 2003

Back in early August, Bob Novak assured us that the Bush administration had found iron-clad proof of bio-weapons found in Iraq–they were just holding back until mid-September so even more damning evidence could be released along with it. I commented on it at the time, noting that this kind of thing had been claimed before by right-wingers, and was likely part of a general PR campaign to give the appearance of having found WMD while not actually finding them.

Well, guess what? Mid-September has passed us by, and no announcement. Also little hope for Bob Novak to claim they’re still holding it back–Bush would have had to have been a complete loon to not offer such evidence in his U.N. speech, and he most certainly did not. And I haven’t heard Novak speak of it since, either–no big surprise there.

Well, back to the old drawing board. How long before the next rumor comes out? And how long before this new set of fake reports cause 69% of the American people believe in the tripe?

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