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Truth in Advertising

October 28th, 2007

Wow. Either some atheist over at Apple got their way, or there was a strong rule about truth in advertising in effect. Look at the capture from the trailer page at Apple’s site for the new movie “The Ten Commandments”:


I bet that a lot of people on the religious right will be furious with that classification.

By the way, the movie looks atrocious. The computer animation is the most awful I’ve seen since they started doing this stuff; a lot of it looks like an amateur made this thing on his home PC. This would not have been state-of-the-art even ten years ago, an eternity in CG time. And the casting–Christian Slater as Moses? Elliot Gould as god? It’s almost as mind-boggling as how they could get actors of that level, let alone Ben Kingsley (narrator), to participate in a project put together as badly as this one seems to have been. Yeesh.

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