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We Like You, Colbert–But Not *That* Much

November 6th, 2007

As much as I like Stephen Colbert, I think it is wholly appropriate and right for the South Carolina Democrats to keep him off of their ballot. If we have anything from the last two elections, it is that you don’t fuck with the ballots. A candidate who throws off your party’s vote, whether it be Stephen Colbert for laughs or Ralph Nader for the futile feel-good alternate vote, is just not a good idea. Allowing even one state to slip through your fingers for the sake of seeing something interesting happen is the dumbest possible screw-up that you could possibly imagine. The last two elections were critical, and we blew them. This next one will mean life or death for a lot of people, and so the Democratic ballot in any state is most decidedly not a laughing matter–even the primary ballots.

In fact, I am kind of shocked that three of the sixteen people on the council actually approved of Colbert on the ballot.

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