December 2nd, 2007

Here’s a report on a new mini PC put out by Asus:

There only seems to be one possible comparison, namely Apple’s Mac Mini, and while Cupertino may still keep the advantage on aesthetics and OS, Asus takes the win on components. Processing power is provided by a 1.86GHz E6320 Core 2, which is a desktop part, 1GB RAM is included and there is a slot loading DVD drive – a small detail but always a winner in my book.

Ummm… the higher-end Mac Mini comes with a 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, 1 GB of RAM, and a slot-loading Superdrive. That’s for $800, whereas the Asus Nova will reportedly cost $1,019. While the Mac Mini reportedly uses a mobile version of the Core 2 Duo (I can’t confirm that yet, but that seems to be the claim), the difference between a 2.0 GHz mobile and 1.86 GHz desktop Core 2 Duo hardly seems worth the extra $220 for the Nova. Not to mention that the Nova looks to be more than half again as big as the Mac Mini. But what’s up with the rest of the listed “advantages”? A little anti-Mac bias here? Or did these “news” outlets simply reprint the manufacturer’s bogus claims?

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