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Religious Hypocrisy

December 7th, 2007

A film is coming out this week which has a pro-Christian tone. The film is being condemned by a large number of people in high positions, with large organizations calling for the film to be banned or boycotted, and the books that inspired it be removed from school and public libraries.

Ha ha, just kidding. If that happened, Christians would explode in a frenzied orgasm of persecution fulfilment, and there would be hell to pay.

The film being released, instead, is an atheist tome very similar to The Narnia Chronicles in its subtext of support for a specific belief system. The film, The Golden Compass, is recognized as having an atheist subtext.

Now, what would Christians have said if so The Narnia Chronicles had been so heavily attacked for its religious message? How would they have responded to massive boycotts and calls for the film to be banned? They would have been apoplectic, of course. And yet now, they are smugly happy to be condemning a film which does the exact same thing, except in a direction not to their liking.

So apparently it’s perfectly fine to sell Christianity to kids, but inexcusable to sell atheism. It’s OK to engage in an all-out attack against atheism, but it is an outrage to even begin to criticize Christianity.


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  1. acs
    December 7th, 2007 at 21:49 | #1


    It’s also be great if stations like crazy-like-a-FOX-News and pie-in-the-SKY news gave much media coverage to the crazy Christians furore over the film as they did to say those radical Muslims who jailed the teacher in Sudan.

    Lunacy should have equal air-time – not just biased to the foreigners somewhere else.

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