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Of Two Minds

February 27th, 2008

I’m sorry, but Clinton is starting to look unhinged. She is shooting off contradictions right and left. After Super Tuesday, Texas and Ohio were the important races, ignore those Obama wins in February; but now that Obama is winning in Texas and catching up in Ohio, they’re suddenly unimportant, and Michigan and Florida must be seated–though she initially agreed to not run in those states, when she figured she’s be nominated without them (even though she still put her name on both ballots), and now champions counting the delegates she once agreed to abandon.

On her attacks against Obama, she’s similarly of two minds. Obama’s health care plan is terrible, and what’s more, he is criticizing another Democrat’s health care plan! Obama shouldn’t lift entire passages from other people’s speeches… like I do! On a regular basis! I respect Obama and am honored to share the stage with him, so shame on him for being such a bastard! He’s misrepresenting me on my fliers, just like I’m misrepresenting him!

So, are you ready for a new one? Here it comes:

A set of talking points emailed to Clinton supporters within organized labor describes the arguments to use on uncommitted super delegates. In the email, the Clinton campaign suggests telling the uncommitted delegates that “it would be unfair and unjust to cut off the nominating process now. There might come a time when the process needs to come to a close, but that time is not now.”

Um, are we talking about the same superdelegates that Hillary was busy getting to commit to vote for her since quite some time ago? The same ones whose commitments to her she stressed were supposed to be not only counted but emphasized?

Of course, that was when superdelegates were on her side. When Obama had the lead with pledged delegates, Hillary stressed how important the superdelegates were, because she had so many that had given her their votes. But now, the supers are trending toward Obama–so now superdelegates throwing in with someone is “unfair and unjust”? Can she be serious?

She seems to be. The campaign’s email warns that “If House, Senate and DNC members try to end this process now, it would be very damaging to those institutions, the Democratic Party and our chances in November.” Funny, she was OK with that happening until up to just a few weeks ago.

I am beginning to think that she will do just about anything to win this, no matter what she has to do, and frankly, it’s getting a bit scary. She’s already tarnished her own image almost beyond repair at this point, digging so deeply in the mud that she’d have a hard time selling herself as being a better person than McCain. But now I am getting seriously worried as to what damage she’s prepared to do to the party so long as she believes there is any chance for her to pull a victory out of this. A close friend and an ardent Hillary supporter told me that she was depressed at what has been happening lately, sad to see that Hillary comes across now as a wounded animal. An appropriate metaphor, perhaps; they are the most dangerous kind.

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